International Women's Day at TPG

For this International Women’s Day, we asked some of the wonderful women on the TPG team a few key questions on how they found their voice in the workplace, how we center equity at TPG and what tips they’d give other women in their fields looking to lean into leadership.

We may be biased, but their thoughtful responses blew us away! Here’s the full guide to being your best self at work and beyond, as outlined by the TPG team.

On Finding Your Voice in the Workplace:

  • “I use this Shirley Chisholm quote as one of my mantras for showing up confidently: ‘If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair’. As a management consultant, my role is to unapologetically provide my unique perspective, so why hold back?” – Monika Birdi, Consultant and Passionate, Results-Driven Customer Service Expert
  • “I was lucky enough to have many brilliant women as mentors in university, who always listened intently to my ideas and helped build my confidence. Having strong female role models truly shaped my career and I now return the favour by mentoring other young women entering STEM fields.” – Orysia Meouch, Consultant and a Technology-Driven Thought and Change Leader
  • “As a woman, in the workplace, I was able to find my voice by being authentic, bold and resilient. Courage starts with showing up when it matters and letting our true selves be seen, despite all forces that may be against us.” – Sarah Farahdel, Consultant and Change Management and Continuous Improvement Leader
  • “Asking to be placed into a position of leadership and learning from my female-mentors, has really helped me find my voice as a woman in the workplace.” – Neha Mahmood, Consultant and an Inquisitive Engineer and Collaborative Team Player
  • “Building my confidence has been the key to finding my voice. The mindset to focus on having the courage to speak up has lead me to learn more and be fulfilled by incredible opportunities.” – Kayla Brar, Human Resources Leader and a Strategic, Team-Oriented Human Resources Professional
  • “I have found that working in a positive environment that provides a safe space to voice your thoughts and opinions encouraging personal development is key.” – Susan Greenwood, Finance Leader, Management Expert and the Backbone of TPG
  • “Princess Diana once said, “I lead from the heart, not from the head”. I love this quote because it reminds us that we are all human and everyone can connect with a leader who can lead with love, rather than dollar signs!” – Marwa Darwich, Office Coordinator, a Creative Problem-Solver and Customer-Oriented Professional
  • “Finding a voice in the workplace was very easy and natural. I was encouraged from the first day to get involved at all levels, to share any ideas and feedback that I had in order to make the company more efficient and effective.  Being able to lead is inherent, but being given the opportunity to express yourself openly was definitely welcomed.”- Melissa Savoury- Gittens, Controller and Finance Professional with a Commitment to Service Excellence
  • “My confidence in the workplace definitely comes from supportive leadership who pushes me to challenge myself and recognizes accomplishments, and the psychologically safe environment of the company where I feel comfortable to voice my opinions. It also comes from the trust I have in myself, in my skills and in the significance my contributions have made to the company. I think ultimately confidence has to come from within but having a supportive team makes it so much easier to go outside of your comfort zone.”- Maggie Bolt, Marketing Leader and A Creative Marketing and Communications professional

On Centering Equity at TPG:

  • “At TPG we encourage gender equality from all fronts, and we’ve been grateful that our clients share similar expectations. In fact, TPG recognizes the benefit of traditionally labeled “feminine traits”, such as relationship building and investing in others, which are invaluable and a true measure of success for our firm.” – Monika Birdi
  • “TPG is a diverse and welcoming team, with many female and POC project leads. Each employee is encouraged to shape their own careers and provided with equal opportunity for development.” – Orysia Meouch
  • “TPG has embraced equity by including a great balance of both women and men, with diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. This is what makes us truly a unique and powerful team!” – Sarah Farahdel
  • “TPG ignores gender by providing opportunities for all genders to lead, initiate and deliver results.” – Neha Mahmood
  • “Our operating principle is to create an environment that brings out the success in yourself and others. Everyone has a voice, everyone gets to leave their fingerprints behind.” – Kayla Brar
  • “We create equality in the workplace by providing team lead positions to female consultants in leadership roles. They provide a safe space and speaking opportunities during weekly meetings to discuss or comment on pressing issues.” – Marwa Darwich
  • “TPG creates equity in the workplace by hiring based on skills and provides mentorship from long-term staff to ensure no one is left behind as we continue to grow together.  Also, TPG provides financial-based incentives which help each person to aim high and ensures that all team members are included.” – Melissa Savoury-Gittens
  • “TPG’s hiring and promotional practices reinforce our commitment to equity by providing opportunities based on skillsets and the ability to deliver, not based on race, age or gender. Every employee is given the opportunity for mentorship and professional development to ramp up their career development at any speed they want. Our flat structure also creates equity by giving everyone the chance to provide meaningful contributions to the company.” – Maggie Bolt

On Leaning Into Leadership, and Their Best Tips to Help Other Women Grow in the Workplace and Beyond:

  • “Don’t be a part of the problem by wanting to be treated differently. The goal is to be treated equally to our male peers, and not have extra considerations to compensate for all the years that were lost to gender inequality. Just treat us the same as you would treat a male.” – Monika Birdi
  • “Be brave. Do the things that are uncomfortable, because that is how you grow. – Orysia Meouch
  • “There is nothing more powerful than a woman determined to rise! No matter how far you’ve come or where you are today, lean in to inspire and empower the other women around you, as we can only become stronger together to make an impactful difference.” – Sarah Farahdel
  • “Speak your mind, don’t focus on rejection and stand up for your values.” – Neha Mahmood
  • “Find a leader within an organization that proactively supports you!” – Kayla Brar
  • “Believe in yourself and then others will believe in you too.” – Susan Greenwood
  • “Don’t be afraid to speak out and voice your opinions! A woman’s voice is strong and can motivate others to speak out as well.” – Marwa Darwich
  • “Some best practices help you achieve your goals:
    • Join an organization in your field, this will help you discover new things as well as help you share your knowledge with others.
    • No matter what level of your career you are at, seek a mentor in or outside the workplace. Mentors provide guidance, offers advice on what skills to build, etc.
    • Do not ever stop learning. You are never too “big” to learn. Continue on your career path, and attend seminars, workshops— this will not only help you knowledge-wise, but you will learn as an individual from your peers.” – Melissa Savoury- Gittens
  • Network outside of your field to gain new perspectives and learn from other industries.” – Maggie Bolt