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Thomas is an experienced professional accountant, with experience in retail order fulfillment, IT product development, distribution, cost center controllership, and operations.  Thomas has spent over 20 years developing a unique perspective as it relates to an organizations operations functions.  Thomas is an effective leader and communicator and leads teams with passion and enthusiasm.  Thomas is a highly effective communicator who builds trust and positive working relationships across functional silos. 

In transformational roles throughout his career, Thomas is an expert in turning vendor relationships into partnerships, bringing process improvement to fruition through change management leadership, and finding bottom line savings across the supply chain and throughout the operations.  In addition, Thomas has led ERP software implementations, built IT products using iterative agile methodologies, and has managed cost centres with up to $500 million in spend for a publicly traded corporation.

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Thomas enjoys everything outdoors whether it be trying his hand at vegetable gardening, hiking, cycling, tennis, or finding the perfect pond for skating on during the winter months.  Thomas enjoys cooking for family and friends and dabbles at playing the guitar.

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