Samantha Connell-Tombs

Administrative Assistant



As an Administrative Assistant, Samantha has quickly become an integral part of the team.  Her excellent organizational and technological skills, enthusiasm and high energy are an asset.  Samantha oversees all aspects of travel for our consultants and has helped to streamline the process for greater efficiency. 

Dedicated, approachable, reliable, and motivated, Samantha finds enjoyment in helping others.  She thrives on challenges and does her best work in high paced settings. She enjoys responsibility, and her experience, professionalism, and proactive demeanor are a perfect match for the “many hats” that she must wear as an Administrative Assistant. 

Areas of Expertise


In her spare time, Samantha enjoys taking photographs and working out. With her many years of background as a dancer and gymnast, Samantha also enjoys participating in advanced yoga classes and boot camps! Outside the big city, she enjoys camping, hiking, portaging and exploring the great outdoors. As a person who enjoys her next adventure, when Samantha is not booking travel for our consultants, she keeps an eye out for her next destination led by her adventurous spirit!

Samantha in toronto
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