Sam Nejatian





Sam is an Industry executive with a solid track record of effective leadership of global business development, sales, marketing, customer support, quality, project and product management. He has extensive international & domestic experience in developing strategic partnerships. 

He is a university lecturer/instructor, a course and certificate programs development leader, and academic director at Ryerson University specializing on Sustainability Management, Lean Six Sigma, Green Economy programs. He is a proven Corporate Training Specialist with an ability to deliver seminars and workshops online and in-class.

He is a SME on Demand Side Management (DSM), Conservation Demand Management (CDM), Energy Management, Renewable Energy, Strategic/Tactical process optimization, New Product Introduction (NPI), Change Management and Project Management.

Sam has previously worked as an executive consultant in Defense, Aerospace, Power, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Energy Management and Conservation Industries along with teaching university courses in Canada and USA.

Areas of Expertise

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