Reza Boushehri



  • Bachelor of Science, (Industrial Engineering) University of Toronto


As a recent graduate of the University of Toronto, Reza brings a fresh perspective that will add value to any team. His work experiences have allowed him to develop technical process improvement concepts and general approaches and guidelines in Business Process Management and Engineering Psychology. Reza is highly motivated and adept at thinking critically, solving problems, persuading others, and leading teams. He believes these soft skills form an integral part of his success as well as being coachable, adaptable to change, constantly learning, and demonstrating a firm and resolute character during challenging times.

While working with TPG, Reza has been actively involved in clients projects related to change management, process development and organizational design. His experiences on client projects include developing and implementing short-term tactical, and long-term strategic management plans; improving cross-functional interactions to significantly improve the bottom line; streamlining processes; and generating cost-saving technological enhancements of software. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Organizational Transformation & Process Improvement (Manufacturing & Banking Industries)
  • Relationship Management & Interpersonal Skills
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Project Management, Planning, & Organization
  • Quality Improvement & Growth
  • Analysis & Problem-Solving


Reza has a wide span of hobbies and interests, including playing soccer (it’s football), attempting to take great photos and practicing his triangle chokes on the bjj mats. He loves writing self improvement articles on his website with the hopes of being a publisher and best selling author one day.