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Orysia Meouch




Orysia is an experienced engineering project leader skilled in process improvement, scale-up, and commercialization of novel technologies for start-ups and large corporations. She is excellent at juggling multiple projects simultaneously, managing multidisciplinary teams, and building innovation ecosystems. Orysia is passionate about growing effective project teams and developing new project management tools to streamline business processes. She is proficient in analyzing investment opportunities and recommending optimum business growth strategies in a multitude of industries including healthcare, cleantech, 3d printing, device manufacturing, oil & gas, and many other chemical-related sectors.

Her dedication to clients is unparalleled with a proven track record of customer satisfaction. Orysia claims her secret to success is understanding the root cause of the problem early on and implementing a top-down approach to problem-solving. She ensures that client feedback is continuously obtained and implemented in solutions, guaranteeing quality results. Her positive personality and goal-driven work ethic is the perfect combination for project success.

Areas of Expertise


In her spare time Orysia is an adventure enthusiast, trekking and climbing in remote mountain regions around the world. She also is an avid writer and filmmaker, primarily in work, self-improvement, technology, and travel

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