Nisha Birdi




Nisha is a motivated and passionate Project Management Professional (PMP) with a strong focus on organizational optimization and change enablement. With Nisha’s extensive experience in various IT, SaaS, and start-up environments, she has achieved proven results in process redesign and standardization, technology-enabled workflows, strategy creation, change management, and customer success optimization, leading to sustainable solutions across multiple industries.

Nisha is a strong advocate for the voice of the customer, so she goes above and beyond to prioritize understanding customer expectations and ensuring recommended solutions align with the customer’s strategic organizational goals. Her excellent interpersonal and communication skills allow for efficient project management and the ability to influence stakeholders to deliver desired outcomes.

Areas of Expertise


Nisha loves spending time outdoors enjoying the nature, hiking, stargazing, building bonfires, visiting vineyards and, more recently, learning to golf.

Outside of enjoying experimental cooking with new foods, you can find her at a stand-up comedy or musical concert, or at a basketball game cheering on her favourite players.