Lisa Xu




Lisa is a seasoned business leader with over 10 years experience driving sales growth and profitability through corporate strategy and operational improvement. As a strategic thinker, she has a demonstrated ability to present compelling business cases and influence decisions at the executive leadership level. Lisa’s intuitive financial judgement gives her the ability to deliver key insights and actionable recommendations from financial modeling and data analytics. Through her studies and work experience, Lisa has had proven success managing cross-functional teams and leveraging resources across the organization to achieve corporate-wide initiatives.

Areas of Expertise


Lisa has passion for travel.  She has been to 12 countries in the world, where she enjoyed taking landscape photos, and exploring local cuisines.  She also participates a wide range of sports activities, such as running, hiking, swimming, yoga, and zumba.  At home, Lisa is a creative chef.  She likes to bring ideas from all over the world to her family’s dinner table.

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