Karen Fuhrmann




Karen assumes ownership of all aspects of content creation, including writing, production and execution with up-to-date industry research, reputation management and strategic planning. She is organized and positive, works under tight deadlines and produces dynamic business results.

She has strong technical and creative skills in terms of creating content in various formats and retains ownership of a brand’s voice at the same time. Karen has worked for a variety of real estate clients (including commercial and residential), a SaaS software company, luxury and sustainable beauty brands, executive headhunters and a handful of other local, Toronto artists/art-related ventures (when she was a freelancer). Her specialty lies in creating brands with a strong focus on customer service, transparency and integrity while staying on top of digital trends. 



Karen enjoys trying different cuisines from around the world and enjoys spending a lot of her free time in nature and going to galleries. She is also a big cinephile and likes watching foreign films.