Chief Happiness Officer



A lifelong cuddler with a passion for sweet potato and cookies, TPG’s Chief Happiness Officer, Henry, has an extensive track record of success making him an irreplaceable asset to the team. 

With experience in many sectors including insurance and mining, Henry has taken to consulting quickly and uses his superior interpersonal skills to quickly and effectively analyze the moods and emotions of his colleagues. His ability to immediately identify stress,  mood changes or snack time enables him to respond quickly to individual needs, ensuring everyone in the office is able to execute to their highest ability. Henry prides himself on keeping everyone on task – with the most important tasks being petting him and sharing food. 

Henry balances his days in the office between napping, circulating for belly rubs or snacks and ensuring a clean floor throughout the office. Although Henry has his own office bed, morning naps have been designated to a special place under David Poirier’s desk and David is always careful not to interrupt! Henry is a strong proponent of work-life balance and although he enjoys participating in meetings, he also adheres to a strict lunch schedule with a hard stop at 11:30am to make sure no one eats alone!

Areas of Expertise


Henry has a wide range of interests from being outdoors to napping and even napping outdoors (yes, even in the winter)! Outside of the office Henry loves exploring the city and taking in the different cultural events Toronto has to offer.  He also loves being on camera and has been featured in both TV and print. When Henry’s not dressed up for the camera he loves active outdoor activities like camping, hiking, ATV’ing in the summer and Ski-doo’ing in the winter!

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