Grace Rinaldi

Shared Services Coordinator



Grace has extensive experience in the Film & Television Industry where she was able to provide cross-functional support to a fleet maintenance team, a construction team, a sales team and an accounting team. Her background also includes working with a developer & realtors in the world of real estate. In all her work, Grace is able foster a positive work environment with colleagues and clients, smooth the lines of communication and operation of the business, and ultimately achieve the goals of any company for whom she works.

Her ability to balance being organized & adaptable, with a good sense of humour, has enabled her to wear many hats to assist others. Grace cares about people and the big picture, which reflects in everything she does.



Grace finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. Music moves Grace, literally, from 50’s rockabilly to Bollywood hits of certain 90s films. She enjoys using essential oils wherever possible, and her favourite combinations include lavender, lemon and geranium oils. She has recently discovered Moraine Lake and favours its quiet beauty over the more popular Lake Louise in Alberta.