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Bonnie is an accomplished and agile multi-disciplinary senior business leader with international experience in strategy and operations, customer-centric service and risk management in fast paced, multi-unit environments. She is known for building best-in-class teams, aligning them to the corporate strategy, driving change, nurturing trusting relationships, and delivering on commitments.

She is a Sr Management Consultant that has viewed and participated in worldwide growth, strategic planning and risk management. A trusted certified leader, quickly summarizing end to end business insights, breaking down silos, bringing synergy and alignment to different personalities, that strategically moves to the next milestone. She understands the past view while translating it into future trend, enabling clients to transform vision into results through Leadership, Team and Relationship Building, Strategic Thinking & Execution, Change Management, Communication and Presentation, and Integrity.

Bonnie balances sharing succinct macro-level overviews with influential stories to gain commitment. She defines goals and articulates innovative strategies that grow revenue, enhance performance and deliver sustainable value. She is trained in continuous improvement, is a leader in operations excellence and has the natural ability to engage and mobilize teams at all levels to transform vision into results.

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Bonnie is passionate about philanthropy, notably causes improving the lives of children and youth. Although she has a love for the food, fashion and culture of Montreal, she will never turn down an opportunity to escape to new (and preferably hot) destinations. She has
been found harnessed on the World’s Highest External Walk on a Building (Guinness World Record), visiting sacred Hindu temples, sipping cane sugar on a secluded mountain top, ziplining through the jungle and swimming with dolphins.

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