Allison Gage




A lifelong learner with a passion for improvement, Allison is a Lean Six Sigma-certified professional whose varied career history and track record of success make her an asset to any project. With experience in many sectors including insurance and mining, Allison is able to dive quickly to the root of a problem to effectively create, execute, and implement plans that lead to long-term organizational growth and success.

In client engagements with TPG, Allison quickly and effectively analyzes internal operational costs and opportunities for process efficiency, standardizes processes, and delivers a set of sustainable solutions that will address the root cause of business challenges. Her superior interpersonal and communication skills serve her well in team settings and with partners and clients, as does her drive and creativity.

Areas of Expertise


Allison is an avid reader and is also focused on continual improvement in all areas of her life. Healthy living is extremely important to her, and ties in holistically with living a philanthropic and socially conscious life.

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