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Our consulting insights include varied life experiences, both professional and private. Our team brings fresh perspective to every project they take on and every problem they encounter. Over the years, we’ve asked our team to share some of their thoughts on a number of business challenges or personal experiences that relate well to business practices. We hope you enjoy our consulting insights and encourage you to share these perspectives from our awesome team.


Making Organizational Change Happen Effectively

Have you been thinking about improving your business through organizational change? Well, you’re no different than many others.   Every leader dreams of enacting positive change to adapt to the never-ending modifications and developments in the market and industry. But what’s intriguing is that most are unaware of, and thus unable to undertake all the…

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Mandatory Breach Notification – It’s complex, challenging and potentially costly. Are You Ready?

Author: Rob Brickman, 2018   What’s MBN and Why Should My Organization Care? Starting November 1st, 2018, new Federal Mandatory Breach Notification (MBN) regulations require your organization to report on certain privacy breaches under Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).   You May Not Be Ready Cyber-security, legal and other risk experts…

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