Our Approach to
Management Consulting

Our business consulting and strategy implementation services have far-reaching, sustainable effects on your growth objectives. We unlock your potential through custom, sustainable solutions to meet your specific needs by aligning your team on your path forward.


In 2005 David Poirier, CEO, founded The Poirier Group (TPG) to make a meaningful difference as a “values-based” boutique management consulting firm 

After years of leading national and international organizations at the c-suite level, David gained significant exposure to common business challenges many companies face. He believed he could make a meaningful impact on organizations across industries by successfully implementing and integrating sustainable change.

Having experienced consultants from the other side of the desk, David knew there was a better approach to management consulting than cookie-cutter solutions. Thus, The Poirier Group was born (est. 2005).

Today, The Poirier Group is one of the top Boutique Consulting firms in North America, evidenced by numerous awards in Consulting Services, Corporate Culture and Corporate Social Responsibility. TPG has grown to become one of the most trusted business management consulting firms in Toronto.

The principles upon which TPG was founded stand true today, offering a trusting and meaningful consulting experience for our clients by ensuring our team brings a solid balance between the right skills, experience, and approach, along with behaviours that exemplify our values.

The Poirier Group is an award-winning boutique management consulting firm in Toronto, Canada


The Poirier Group provides outstanding leadership and subject matter expertise, specific industry perspectives, skillsets and the experience necessary to diagnose and resolve your unique business needs. Our clients benefit from our wealth of knowledge. We differentiate ourselves by having real-life, operational experience, allowing us to better understand your current situation. We work with you to determine the best path forward and assist you to implement solutions that will meet or exceed your objectives.

Leading Edge Operators

Our strategic management consultants bring a wealth of real-world operations experience gained from working in the industries we consult in. We understand what it's like to sit in your seat.

Experienced Core Competency

Our foundation is based on Process Improvement, Lean Six Sigma and reality-based sustainable solutions across multiple industries. We reduce cost, drive culture and re-align your organization to function at your best.

Trust and Value

Every sustainable consulting engagement begins and ends with building Trust and Value – we commit to having you as our reference at the end of the engagement.

Agnostic & Custom Sustainable Solutions

We deliver custom solutions to best serve your needs. Our operational consultants apply advanced skills while focusing on people, measurement and technology to ensure sustainability.

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We become a specialized extension of your team rather than an external management consulting firm, working with you to create tailored solutions with your unique business challenges in mind. This tailored approach sets us apart from other corporate strategy firms.

Over the duration of each project, we regularly collaborate with key stakeholders to validate findings, pain points, themes and other influences that have impacted the current state of your business. We work with your team to strategize on the best solutions that align with your company’s goals and culture. We address behavioural influences and existing roadblocks that impede your progress and work to create consensus to ensure our solutions are sustainable. 


Our strategic management consultants form a mutually beneficial partnership between our team and our client, through open, honest and direct communication as the cornerstone of our approach. We gain your trust early on allowing us to achieve significantly better results, faster. We’ve found that companies who are aligned with the necessary solutions to achieve their objectives are only accomplished when they have input into the process for sustainable change. This tried and true approach has resulted in The Poirier Group becoming one of the top boutique management consulting firms in North America. 


We develop and/or execute your business objectives and discover opportunities for performance improvement by focusing on the integration of your people, technology, process and strategy. We have found that regardless of industry, this methodology applies to the successful execution of all of our services. Applying the right strategy development and approach ensures your business will stay ahead of the competition.

Our business management consulting services demonstrate what we do, how we engage with our clients and how we deliver on their objectives. 


We work to understand how your organization operates and rapidly identify opportunities where performance improvement will increase your value

We implement new and accelerate existing initiatives, working directly with you to drive better, faster results

If you are ready to transform your warehouse operations to unparalleled levels of performance, allow our team of warehouse optimization management consultants to define the greatest opportunities and solutions for you.

We offer a rigorous approach to both resolving short-term issues and enhancing long-term strategic direction. If you know what you want to do, we are excellent at figuring out how to do it

We advise senior executives working in leadership roles while assisting in the recruitment of permanent stakeholders during periods of transition and critical company activities.

We train key stakeholders and leaders to build competencies for organizations to sustain and improve their operations on their own.

We develop enterprise-wide strategies and operating models, as well as re-engineer business processes that drive an organization’s growth. We have 30+ years of experience in transforming small to large organizations across many functional areas


The Poirier Group is an award-winning boutique management consulting firm in Toronto, Canada

For each engagement, we build a team which has the practical experience, education, and technical skills to best tackle your project and find the solutions you are looking for. This process allows us to tailor our management consultant services and create a custom strategy just for you – ensuring we achieve the best possible results for all our clients. Choosing right strategic management consultant firms can make all the difference. 

It appears as if we can do everything for everybody – how can we do this? We draw from senior expertise from contracted professionals and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for support in areas that we do not internally have that expertise. They can be a great addition to a project team, and their support allows TPG’s corporate strategy consulting to really reach its full potential as one of the top boutique consulting firms in Toronto. In other words, we don’t hesitate to expand our project team to ensure your needs are met. That’s how we can cover as many industries as we do. While other firms focus on one or two verticals, we’ve become one of the top boutique management consulting firms in Toronto by being willing to take on, and succeed in, multiple industries.


We do not claim a project is “done” until the results we promised are achieved and sustainable. We will work tirelessly to do whatever it takes to make sure our clients are completely satisfied. Meeting our client’s goals is always the objective, and our work processes and client communications strategies reflect this; from the top to the bottom of our organization. With our malleable and individually tailored business consulting services strategies, our clients quickly learn that choosing TPG was the right choice. Our past clients return with new opportunities because they trust us to deliver true value, reliable outcomes and an exceptional working experience.

Our re-engagement rate speaks volumes and reinforces that we are delivering on our reputation as one of the industry-leading boutique Toronto management consulting firms. We’ve come to expect at the end of each project, that our clients will say:

  • We are happy to refer you
  • You have exceeded our expectations
  • You are not like other management consulting firms and corporate strategy firms we have worked with


Marco Richter, General ManagerTrench (a subsidiary of Siemens)
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"TPG professionals have a combination of great attitude and practical up-to-date knowledge. They were truly engaged with our daily business activities and the walk-through of all project objectives, transition phase requirements and project milestones were thorough and efficient.

Their goal was to reach convergence on our business goals and standards and their efforts in this regard are highly appreciated."

David Strom, PresidentCollecDev
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"TPG has worked diligently with our Senior Leadership Team to execute a complete transformation of processes which has greatly improved the efficiency and overall operation of our marketing, development, and construction teams.

The initiatives put out by TPG have greatly added value to our organization; helping us to achieve progress as we continue to grow and scale our business"

Alan Hoover, President and COODNO Produce
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"The Poirier Group helped us realize that we were focusing our efforts in the wrong areas, which was causing us all sorts of problems.... We were able to effectively streamline our product offering and focus on the vitally important few – which led to numerous improvements throughout our operation."
Darrel Jones, Colemans Overwaitea Food Group/ Save-On-Foods
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“We were very pleased with the level of professionalism and critical thinking the Poirier Team brought to the project as they worked through a rigorous engagement process designed to help up identify performance improvement opportunities. This helped us successfully set the stage to implement strategic improvements throughout our system.”
Terry Cairn, CIOCanadian Blood Services
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"Their team was very professional and provided substantial benefits. Never have I seen a project done so efficiently and effectively with such great sustainable results and reasonable costs I would highly recommend The Poirier Group for performance improvement and transformation engagement"
Steve Tyas, VP Creative ServicesSt. Joseph Communications
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“The St Joseph Content Group enlisted The Poirier Group to identify areas within our business that could be streamlined through process optimization and removal of non-valued added effort. Within a short period of time through exceptional people skills and an analytical approach, the Poirier team was able to understand our business model, pinpoint areas for enhancement and deliver an actionable roadmap that transitioned us from our current state to future state.”
Alan Torrie, President and CEOMorneau Shepell
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“Their expertise in process and systems design and engineering across both operational and corporate functional platforms has resulted in not only improved bottom line performance but also higher levels of customer service and employee engagement.”
Chris B., Director of ITWalters Group
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“We engaged TPG most recently to assist us with business process mapping and project management in preparation for an MRP implementation. We thoroughly enjoyed the engagement with TPG, from insights into best practices within our industry to challenging us on our processes to find efficiencies, TPG consistently offered top talent and experience throughout while ensuring all of our needs were met, they truly want you to be successful and happy with the end result. Great work! The next time we do process improvement work, TPG will be my first call”