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We will help regain business stability and optimize strategic decision making during the storm, and recover your bottom line after the crisis has settled. 

Here is your go-to place for the latest news, insights and resources to support your organization during this time.

Navigating Your Business Through The Crisis web title

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CEO David Poirier and Senior Partner Michael Taylor discuss TPG’s journey to fruition, and the culture and values that continue to support the business’s sustainability and reputation.

Podcasts and Interviews

The Voice of Retail Podcast

In this interview, Michael LeBlanc interviews David Poirier (The Poirier Group) and Ted Salter (EY) — two of retails biggest thinkers and most strategic advisors for their thoughts on modern retail and what it takes to compete and win profitably.

Experts in Industry Podcast: Presented by The Poirier Group

“Experts in Industry” is an informative and insightful series featuring some of the top professionals in their respective industries. In these interviews David Poirier, (CEO of The Poirier Group) and the guest will dive deep into the pressing challenges that currently exist across HR & Culture, Grocery, AI, Hospitality, Supply Chain, Marketing, Education and more! The Poirier Group is a boutique management consulting firm focused on helping our clients achieve the results they need through process and performance improvement, operational excellence and strategic planning and implementation.