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The client was halfway into a 3-year journey of implementing promotional management (phase I), perpetual inventory (phase II), and automated replenishment (phase III) plans via JDA software. TPG was requested to support the client in creating all future-state perpetual inventory (PI) processes for phase II. During this exercise, process gaps in phase I were identified and TPG was asked to develop solutions for both phases. Phase I involved repairing core business processes and leveraging automation to reduce rework and data integrity issues.


  • Identified phase II processes affected by phase I processes which required repair
  • Performed process mapping and RACI diagram development for future-state processes across merchandising, finance, supply chain, and operations
  • Identified quick win solutions for the business


  • TPG prepared the client for a phase II technical pilot and go-live implementation with respect to its business processes
  • TPG repaired ~50% of phase I issues yielding an annual efficiency gain of 240 hours
  • Improved key data integrity inputs into JDA, resulting in the avoidance of $350K in data input error costs within the second quarter of 2015