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In a rapidly evolving, competitive environment, the client has recently realigned its organizational structure to promote the company objective of becoming fully customer-focused. This realignment brought to light opportunities to improve quality, increase capacity, and reduce cycle time of product management efforts. TPG was engaged to review the processes, structure, and approach of product management within the organization.


  • Developed an enterprise-wide cross-functional process map, across all lines of business and a detailed process flow for product management functions
  • Identified and evaluated issues regarding organizational structure, process, and effectiveness (46 pain points)
  • Conducted root cause analysis to identify underlying issues
  • Performed an activity breakdown analysis on product management tasks
  • Conducted an assessment on the current state organizational structure and an employee performance review on key resources


  • Created a future state portrayal of product management organizational structure and its interdependencies with all other lines of business
  • Developed a portfolio of 34 performance improvement initiatives
  • Created a strategic deployment roadmap for its implementation