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The company was experiencing large volumes of request for change (RFC) forms for planned weekly promotions (print & in-store). The RFCs generated a sizable amount of rework across merchandising, marketing, and replenishment leading to category teams spending 50-80% of their time on promotional activities, which only accounted for 15-20% of sales. Marketing promotion calendar deadlines were not being consistently followed, there was a company-wide lack of alignment/adherence to the promotional process, and the replenishment promotion rules across all departments were identified as key contributors to this problem.


  • Re-engineered promotion planning and execution processes
  • Integrated promotional process with implementation of marketing management
  • Integrated promotional process with project implementation of company’s master calendar
  • Created visual metrics and RACI communication


  • Over 50% reduction in RFCs
  • 100% compliance for flyer disclaimers
  • 95% of promotional timelines were met
  • Replenishment rules 95% were compliant with promotional activities