Investment Management Firm Saves $2M Annually from Organizational Restructuring and Cost Cutting

A PE Wall Street investment management firm providing companies with asset-backed investment and financing solutions

annual savings
reduction in operations head count


The client’s acquisition had significantly grown their assets, but their administrative processes were highly manual, due to a lack of investment in technology systems.  This combination was hindering their ability to grow.  They were in need of an in-depth assessment of the existing processes, departments, technology systems, and a plan for what was required to support future operations and growth.  


Our team worked closely with the client to understand the business streams that would be affected by growth, including the transition to new technology systems. Using information gained from our qualitative on-site experience in addition to analysis of company data and industry benchmarks, TPG uncovered several performance improvement opportunities that would improve efficiency, reduce costs and support the transition to new software necessary for sustainable growth.  This was achieved by:    

  • Identifying critical roles to support strategic objectives and which tactical functions would be optimal to outsource  
  • Vetting outsourced service providers to ensure compliance and operational capacity for the business 
  • Cross-training employees to minimize risks and single points of failure that would come with downsizing 
  • Overseeing the software transition to ensure the firm and its clients were not disrupted in the normal course of business 

Value Created

As a result of this initiative, immediate and long-term financial and strategic benefits were realized: 

  • Over $2.2M net annualized savings realized through efficiencies and technology improvements  
  • 75% reduction in Operations FTE’s  
  • 52% of company processes were successfully transitioned to external providers at significant savings