air conditioning pipes
ceiling and HVAC pipes


Due to the competition in the marketplace and global positioning with suppliers, the client needed organization, a global supply chain capability, and other tools to grow globally. TPG was engaged in order to help the company meet these goals.


  • Created a program management office
  • Integrated project processes across functional silos
  • Developed a standard book of components
  • Implemented quality gate system, from design to commissioning
  • Developed contract risk management process
  • Prepared comprehensive matrix for contract preparation
  • Reduced number of claims and improved win/loss ratio
  • Built global supply chain capability
  • Standardized engineering processes and opened an engineering office in India
  • Successfully transferred technology program
  • Worked directly with suppliers to produce the required quality at reduced cost and to meet local content


  • Sales increased by more than 200%, from 45M EUR to 100M EUR, helping to set the company up for long-term, sustainable success