industrial safety manufacturer


Due to a significant decrease in revenues from the oil sands business, the company embarked on a program to increase profit margin by identifying opportunities to reduce costs through process standardization and consolidation of service offerings. A large team of 8 TPG consultants was engaged to diagnose the root causes of inefficiencies and identify areas for rapid improvement. The team developed and executed on a program of 10 distinct projects over 12 months to stabilize the order to cash process and evolve customer experience across channels. Key initiatives included mapping the customer journey, identifying the cost to serve, and determining future state processes for servicing complex customers from order to cash.


  • Conducted 48 on-site interviews with critical stakeholders over 6 weeks to develop an understanding of 187 processes related to customer experience
  • Identified over 120 process pain points by mapping all key order to cash and customer experience processes
  • Business cased and prioritized 19 projects across 5 functional areas to stabilize and mature operations
  • 8 consultants deployed to lead the implementation of 10 high priority projects to improve customer experience and customer retention, reduce waste, and optimize working capital


  • The overall transformation program rapidly captured $7.9M of recurring OPEX savings through process improvements from order to cash while setting up the structure to rationalize future service offerings for additional savings in the future