The focus of the engagement with the client was centered on quality improvement, performance improvement, and labour efficiency (i.e. improvement of dock congestion). TPG also worked with the company’s warehouse sites on improving culture, safety, and other key elements of overall organizational performance.


  • Completed a full initiation study for the organization in less than 4 weeks
  • Interviewed over 30 associates across all work shifts to understand the culture, processes, and values, as well as to identify opportunities in these areas
  • Discovered 52 unique opportunities within three warehouses for the client
  • Analyzed all opportunities, prioritizing them within a benefit to burden matrix in order to identify the highest potential opportunities
  • Created a process flow diagram for all steps regarding quality improvement


  • Delivered a transformation roadmap that targeted a reduction in company costs with a 2:1 ROI, meeting the company’s needs and setting in on a path for success