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We implement process and performance improvements to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and improve overall growth of your organization

How TPG Improves Your Business Processes

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Reduce Cost

We are experts at unearthing extra cash flow by finding and omitting inefficiencies.

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Remove Waste

Decrease the amount of time and resources your company wastes and reap immediate benefits.

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Standardize Processes

Standardize commonly repeated processes to identify and align best practices.

Streamline & Optimize Processes

Eliminate unnecessary steps and optimize your processes, allowing your business to achieve a better ROI on resources spent. 

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Operational Process Improvement

Sniff out and cut non-value-added processes—our consulting results in increased proficiencies and real gains in production capabilities. 

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Improve Roles & Responsibilities Alignment

TPG will eliminate task duplication and align your internal roles to improve the management and delivery of your products and services.

Process Improvement Service Offerings

Process Mapping can greatly improve any organizational process improvements project by increasing the understanding of the flow of activities, information, people, and resources.

From our experience as process mapping consultants, process mapping can be used both as a current state analysis to classify the process outputs and inputs, and as a final deliverable to guide employees through a workflow. Process maps define the borders of the current process at a high level to identity what is and isn’t currently working and ensure the future state model preserves what is working while preventing the duplication of existing issues.

As continuous business process improvement services consulting firms, we are often hired to help document and map our clients’ workflows into repeatable systems and processes to identify where they can find more value in their organization. We commonly advise our clients on how to improve their processes to reduce waste, identify cheaper or cost-saving alternatives, speed up process lead time while ensuring process quality either remains constant or improves, or standardizing commonly repeated activities. Implementing these organizational process improvements can save a company valuable time and money.

TPG has provided workflow management solutions to businesses in and around Toronto, allowing our clients to save more of their hard-earned money while improving their internal processes. We experience clients asking us to perform process mapping as a service for many reasons including:

  • Standardizing processes
  • Training employees
  • Improving a process
  • As a communication tool
  • For internal audits

TPG’s operational improvement consulting team is comprised of dedicated, accessible and experienced personnel that will help you with even the most complex business problems. Our achievements as professional  operational improvement consulting experts speak for itself.

A Business procedure, commonly referred to as a Standard Operating Procedure is a specified way to carry out an activity within a process. As your business grows, existing processes may not be sufficient and monitoring them becomes increasingly complex and time consuming. Standardizing your processes ensures procedures are carried out in the same way by every individual at your organization, every time, which keeps your business running smoothly. Making procedures a habit can also decrease safety risks and improve lead time because your employees don’t need to guess or predict what comes next. 

With our business process improvement services, we create a document that clearly maps out operating procedures and accountabilities then work with your team to accelerate the building of standard operating procedures and promoting team alignment. The focus of this is coordinating process standardization through cross-functional workshops that identify and align best practices. After process mapping has been completed, we facilitate standard operating procedure (SOP) writing with a group of senior stakeholders, ensuring that all results are:

  • Complete (all necessary information is included)
  • Objective (facts only)
  • Coherent (following a consistent and rational thought process).

The SOPs can then be transmitted to all employees to promote leadership development and learning. In the end, our clients can visualize end-to-end processes, from supplier to customer which in turn, feed into the bigger picture of performance management. This is an area where business process improvement consulting can make a real positive difference for your business.

Lean Six Sigma is a fact-based approach to process improvement and one of our main workflow management solutions that have benefited many firms in and around Toronto. We will rethink and redesign your business practices for improved efficiency. Our lean six sigma consulting services can be applied to any industry, whether in the back office or on the manufacturing shop floor!

As opposed to improving an existing process, Process Re-engineering focuses on creating new, more effective processes. Drawing from our team of Lean Six Sigma experts, we work to recognize where problems arise in current processes. We then deconstruct procedures and build new and improved processes from the ground up.

By Improving the processes and procedures efficiency levels of your organization, you will have more time to work on growing and managing your business instead of spending all of your time fighting fires and catering to crises.

We are committed to working with you to implement the business process improvement solutions that your company needs. Contact us today to learn how our business process improvement services can significantly improve your business.

It can be hard, sometimes impossible, for a business to scout out the inefficient day-to-day handoffs by looking within themselves. A set of fresh eyes can often find what experienced eyes are missing, a role we perform to an incredibly high standard as one of Toronto’s elite process improvement consulting firms.

We create alignment between Corporate and Divisional Strategic and Operational Plans and measure progress toward short-term and long-term goals. It can house all organizational processes with a custom governance and process management system to both address process efficiencies, and knock down cross departmental barriers.

Our performance management systems start with a high-level portrayal of all organizational processes, which then drill down further to show functional hand-offs. It has been proven to help siloed organizations see the critical day-today handoffs that occur in the organization. This then optimizes interdepartmental performance

The key to overall business enhancement and growth is process improvement. Every business can benefit from improving their processes to reduce waste, identify cost-saving alternatives, speed up process lead time, or standardize commonly repeated activities. Although many businesses know that they need business process improvement services for valuable time and money savings, many are unsure of how to get there or where to start. Starting with The Poirier Group, one of Toronto’s top operations improvement consulting firms, is the ideal starting point for improving your business. 

We help organizations examine their productivity and determine the company’s critical processes. Our goal is to streamline these processes to dramatically improve customer service, decrease operational costs and help our clients become lean organizations. We operate as an extension of your team, implementing portfolios of high-ROI projects. These portfolios can include anything from business-wide cost containment strategies to implementing our process re-engineering and Lean Six Sigma.

If you want to trim down your organization’s operating expenses and turn your business into a lean and efficient machine, The Poirier Group’s business process optimization services are right for you.

Cost Reduction Initiatives Tailored For Your Business

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in widespread changes and is actively transforming how businesses and industries can operate. Cost reduction and cost containment strategies have become the norm due to these changes, as almost every company across North America has been affected by the massive restructuring our economy is undergoing. Strategies such as product cost optimization and cost-cutting initiatives will end up saving some businesses’ lives during these hard times.

Our team at TPG knows how it can often feel like a balancing act between keeping your business’ doors open and supporting your hardworking employees. It’s also important to keep in mind that the whole world is living through an incredibly stressful time, so meeting your employees’ needs and ensuring their health and wellness are all the more important. Not all cost containment strategies involve cutting staff. At TPG, we are experts in scouting and snuffing out inefficiencies in your business processes, and it is there where we can often find that much-needed extra cash flow. 

"Strategies such as product cost optimization and cost-cutting initiatives will end up saving some businesses’ lives during these hard times."

If your business is facing a drop-off in demand or is facing some difficult decisions, TPG’s cost reduction initiatives and cost containment strategies will help you through it. TPG employs only the best business process improvement consulting practices that can help any business navigate the challenges facing them.

How The Poirier Group’s Business Process Improvement Consulting will Help

Companies engage The Poirier Group (TPG) for business process improvement services to save them time and money by improving areas within the business that may not be functioning at a high enough standard. Our business process improvement consulting services provides an outside, objective perspective on your current processes which allows us to dig into the root of what may be causing your business challenges. Seeing as we are currently facing the economic crisis of a lifetime in the COVID-19 pandemic, implementing thought-out and well-executed cost containment and cost reduction strategies could be your business’ saving grace in such a troubled time.

As an experienced business process improvement services provider, we will conduct extensive background research, identify areas of improvement (pain points), and identify effectiveness of current processes. By visualizing these processes, we can decide what areas need to be altered or improved while aligning with current business structures. Then, we provide a set of prioritized opportunities that will most benefit your organization, address the root causes of problems and mitigate pain points. Finally, we design custom solutions for your business process improvement and roll up our sleeves to put the solutions into action.

At The Poirier Group, our business process improvement consulting services aims to bridge the gap between strategy and performance by developing lean process improvement strategies to improve your business processes for increased operational efficiency. We’re one of the few consulting firms in Toronto that are willing to employ a wide range of services, including Lean Six Sigma, SOP construction and process controls, to improve your business processes.

For over 15 years in business process management consulting, our sole purpose has been serving the greater good of our clients and that is something we take very seriously. The success of your business is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we take the time to build trust with your organization at every stage. We have found that creating trust with clients enables us to get more done much faster and with a higher rate of sustainability and client satisfaction.

We help our clients improve their processes on a number of fronts:

Common Business Process Challenges

Executing business process improvement solutions successfully is not always an easy task, yet if businesses don’t actively improve their processes, they will fall behind in the market. This is because their competitors both small and large are actively trying to improve their business using any tool, framework, or resource that is available to them. The advantage to working with The Poirier Group, who is the business performance improvement consulting services firm of choice for brands across North America, is that you can rest assured you will be working with individuals who are experts in their fields with many years of experience.

When we engage with clients for business process improvement consulting, we often see one or more of the following issues that can seriously hurt the productivity and profitability of a company over the long term: 

Any one of these challenges can lead to a decrease in customer satisfaction, low employee morale, increased costs and wasted resources. Overcoming these challenges is part of what TPG’s business performance improvement consulting services can accomplish for your business. We work with you as a business process efficiency consultant to eliminate or improve these challenges in order to get your company functioning at an optimal level. Our excellent track record in overcoming these challenges for our clients has allowed The Poirier Group to become an industry-leader amongst process improvement consulting firms. You’re in safe hands with us.

Benefits of Business Process Optimization Services

However, engaging in business process improvement techniques and strategies can yield your company both short term and long term benefits including decreased wasted time, increased visibility and increased cost savings. Over the long term, businesses can also expect to see:

Greater Strategic Value
More Efficient Resource Allocation
Higher Quality Products and Services
Accelerated Time to Market
Strengthened Bottom Line
Increased Employee Morale
Process improvement starts with your people so that’s what we focus on.

Our Approach to Process Improvement

One of the first steps in our approach as an experienced operational improvement consulting firm is getting to know your business, your people and your processes at every management and seniority level, and is a key step to take to execute successful business process optimization services.
This is largely conducted through interviewing key members of your workforce at every management and seniority level.

These interviews will give us insight into identifying the challenges you are having (pain points) that are affecting the efficiency of your business processes. We will conduct a root cause analysis, identifying a company’s performance management failure modes, weaknesses, break points, choke points, bottlenecks, and any form of waste. We classify root causes and prioritize them, ranking them from most severe to least. We then identify solution elements for each of the root causes of waste, and finally rank solutions by ROI, ease of implementation, and burden of implementation.

We are sure to work with our clients to map and identify key stakeholders, process points and varying capacity levels to ensure we are obtaining well-rounded information and to decrease chances of bias in our results. It can be difficult to ensure validity in qualitative findings therefore, it is critical that research and best practices are incorporated into our methodology. This provides a quantitative lens that is leveraged to analyze results and formulate recommendations.

As your operational improvement consulting expert, we determine the best ways that your organization can justify changes that result in a more cost effective and efficient practice, while ensuring that you remain as lean as possible. After we identify all procedural costs using process mapping and interviews, we will identify where costs can be streamlined, inefficiencies reduced, and unnecessary costs eliminated with a main focus on improving business processes for increased operational efficiency. Amongst the many process improvement consulting firms out there, The Poirier Group leads the way due to our ability to sniff out your business’ inefficiencies in a timely manner – allowing your business to start saving money sooner.

The bottom line is that our business process improvement services shines light on areas that need improvement, investigate where they are stemming from, and eliminate non-value-added processes in order to make your business more efficient and save you money. 

TPG’s business performance improvement consulting services will lead to increased competencies, gains in production capacities, and a boost in overall organizational health. Our considerable experience in business process improvement management services has made us process improvement experts, and the results we’ve delivered have earned us our stellar reputation in the operational improvement consulting industry. Read more about our our approach to business consulting services.

As a full service consulting firm, we have a deep understanding of how to streamline processes at work to facilitate operational business process improvement and organizational process improvements with a proven track record of leading and implementing successful transformations.
Operational excellence doesn’t happen until it’s actually put into action. Act now, speak with one of our process optimization consulting experts today. One of Toronto’s top operations improvement consulting firms is at your fingertips.

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