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The client was experiencing operational capacity constraints and quality issues, and was looking to turn around their food production operations. The organization had grown tenfold in only 5 years due to a significant increase in sales. Production requirements were increasing due to the rising sales and initial assessments revealed that production facilities were operating at 20% over capacity. TPG was brought in to serve as an interim director of operations and conduct a comprehensive review on all areas of food production, including forecasting, purchasing, production, and packaging to identify additional capacity and cost savings in their operations.


  • Developed and completed a portfolio of Lean projects that increased capacity and balanced product lines
  • Performed a full standard work analysis on all production activities to create a standard level agreement for performance management
  • Created an automated KPI dashboard to allow for effective visual management
  • Developed an operational infrastructure that helped the operation facilities support an additional $12MM in production
  • Supported the Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP solution implementation and Ascentis HR ERP
  • Centralized all process documentation into an integrated document and process management system


  • Brought production from $42M to $55M in January 2015 with forecasts trending to $75M by the end of the year
  • Identified and realized over $2M in cost reductions and created 23% additional capacity across all 3 facilities
  • Hired a full-time director of operations and transitioned all activities to the client, ensuring sustainable results